Archery Canada Moose Camp & Area

Our Archery Canada Moose hunt camps utilize comfortable wall tents for accommodations.  Each tent has a wood stove to provide heat and drying racks for those times it gets a little wet.  You will find a comfortable cot with sleeping pad and cot tree awaiting you on arrival.

A large enclosed tent section off the guide’s tent is large enough to house the entire crew for meals or just for gathering at times throughout the hunt.  A fire pit complete with comfortable lounging chairs centers the camp and is usually the gathering place of choice, especially after the ride home each evening.  It’s a great setting to relive the day’s events and share a laugh or two.

On the edge of the camp, you will find a hot water shower station set up, providing the opportunity to clean up when necessary. And of course, there are archery targets so you can shoot your bow upon arrival to ensure all is good and keep your shooting skills honed throughout the hunt.

The camps are strategically located right in the heart of Moose territory.  In fact, it is common to hear Moose calling right from camp. We may leave camp on foot to hunt or use ATVs to get to/from the area we will be hunting each day.

1st Hunt

Our 1st rut hunt area is vast, remote, and rugged.  As a result, the Moose populations are very healthy and receive minimal hunting pressure.  This area has logged sections of land of various vintages as well as a large burned area, which provide ample food sources for the Moose.  There are several small rivers and creeks scattered throughout the area.  The subsequent low land swamp areas and high ground ridges provide excellent habitat for Moose.

2nd Hunt

Our 2nd rut hunt area is situated in an area of ideal Moose habitat that can be difficult to access.  This creates very high Moose densities and limited hunting pressure.  The area is relatively low elevation, with many swamps connected by water ways.  The ridges between these areas provide great habitat for the Moose during the rut and is typically where we set up and call from.

Feel free to call us anytime at 780-983-5593 or contact us online to discuss an Archery Canada Moose hunt in more detail.

Location Weather

Weather conditions can vary greatly during these hunts.  Come prepared to deal with highs ranging from 25 to 70 F and lows ranging from 10 to 45 F.  On average, you can count on highs around 45 F and lows around freezing.

Current Conditions

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