Alberta Archery Canada Moose Hunts

If you’re in the market for an ultra-exciting, highly interactive Archery Canada Moose hunt, look no further.

AWGS offers 2 areas & timeframes to hunt Canada Moose with archery equipment.  Both hunts take place during the annual Moose rut in Alberta, which allows us to call in receptive bulls to within archery range.  They are based from our comfortable tent camps, which are located right in the heart of Moose territory.  You can read more about the camp and hunting area here.

The overall Moose populations in both areas are very healthy, and as a result provide great opportunities for you to take a bull with your bow.  Each year we call in multiple bulls in the 40” + category, with a few bulls in the 50” + range.  Opportunity rates on both hunts are very similar, averaging between 175-225%.

Our tactics center around walking into areas, setting up in good locations, calling and waiting for bulls to respond.  Within these set ups, we may be hunting from the ground or in tree stands.

Our 1st rut hunt runs from September 16-23rd and coincides with the first cows coming into heat.  The bulls have been anticipating the breeding season and can be quite anxious to check out our calling.

Our 2nd rut hunt starts in late September/early October and runs into early/mid October.  The number of cows in heat diminishes each day as this hunt takes place, resulting in competition amongst bulls and subsequent increasing odds of calling in a bull.

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