Alberta Rifle Whitetail-Wolf Hunts

If you’re looking for an unforgettable fair chase hunt for free ranging, heavy/dark antlered, huge-bodied mature Whitetail Deer in a truly wild setting, AWGS has what you need.

We manage a highly successful operation in a legendary area of Alberta, Canada.  Our hunts take place in the month of November during the annual Whitetail rut and are based from our secluded, full amenity lodge.  You can read more about the camp and hunting area here.

The Whitetail populations are very healthy.  While our deer densities are lower than other areas, we have some of the highest buck to doe ratios and most impressive buck age class distributions you’ll find anywhere.  Opportunity rates range between 150-225% year over year on “shooter” bucks (140” or better).  Our year-round intensive fieldwork is the main reason we produce opportunities throughout the entire month of November.

Our proven hunt methods and tactics are simple – we set you up to Ambush and Call In bucks.

The primary tactic is to Ambush mature bucks as they search for receptive does during the breeding season.  This means hunting undisturbed and non-pushed deer in their natural environment, during all available daylight hours.

A secondary tactic is to Call In bucks by rattling and using grunt tubes/doe estrus calls.  Multiple bucks are called in each year because of the high competition between bucks for the right to breed a doe.

Our clients set up at their location well before first light and stay out until legal hunting light ends.  While you’re hunting, the AWGS team is actively scouting to collect updated information used to determine the best place to hunt.

We utilize the following stand options at our locations for these all-day sits – “Texas-style” tripods or ground blinds.

As a bonus, our clients can harvest a Timber Wolf while hunting for Whitetails.  On average, about 10% of our hunters have an opportunity to harvest one.  There is no extra charge for this unique opportunity.

Our hunt packages are booked in a very straight-forward and professional fashion with no changes or surprises.  You’ll arrive into the Edmonton International Airport (YEG) 1-2 days prior to heading to camp and night over at our affiliate hotel next to the airport.  We’ll meet for breakfast the morning we head to camp.  At the conclusion of your hunt, you’ll spend the night at the same hotel and depart the next day.  Shuttle service is readily available to/from the hotel/airport, which is less than a 5-minute drive.

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