I have been on six deer hunts with AWGS, some hunts ended with deer and some others I went home empty handed. If you want to experience beautiful country and a realistic opportunity to see a 150-160 inch whitetail (and maybe much larger) then AWGS is a good choice! David, Dean, and their guides are great people. Preseason scouting using both cameras and shoe leather is a big part of their success in getting hunters in front of some great deer. If you decide to hunt with AWGS be mentally prepared for sits that last from before daylight to dark. You won’t see a steady procession of deer in front of you. Hunting in Alberta can be hours and hours of boredom culminating in maximum adrenaline when your buck finally appears. Hunters need to be able to accept some slow days on stand and understand that tomorrow could be your day.
AWGS can’t promise you a deer but I always felt that the outfitter and guides did the very best they could to see that I was in a location where a number of shooter bucks were located. As a hunter that is all I can reasonably ask. Some years the deer cooperate and some years they don’t. That is why it is called hunting.

Alan Piper – NH

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