Dean and his crew put together an absolutely amazing experience for the moose hunter.  Their knowledge of the area is outstanding and is beautifully paired with their knowledge of the game they pursue.  Every detail is taken into consideration by this crew.  From stand locations to meals, you will be well taken care of during your entire adventure.  They will give everything they have to try to get you in front of that trophy you desire.

I booked with AWGS in the spring of 2020 for a 50th birthday hunt, but had to wait an additional year for my chance due to the border being closed.  In Sept 2021, I arrived in the gorgeous Canadian wilderness.  Dean and his crew had placed stands and set up the tents that would serve as home for our tenure in the woods.

Toward the end of the week, the action began to really pick up.  We had bulls talking and “striking pans” every day.  We had a couple bulls get close but nothing came to fruition until the 7th night of hunting.  Dean called an old bull to our stand.  He pulled him on a string and lead him perfectly to where I could get a shot. Unfortunately, my first shot missed the bull completely, but Dean stopped him again at 22 yards and I was able to correct my previous error.  The blood trail was light and required us to wait until morning.  Dean was able to track that bull with hoof tracks and scant blood until we recovered him.

Dean and his crew are there for the hunter.  2 of us shot bulls on the 7th night.  After being up all day guiding us, they retrieved the first bull and got back to camp at around 2:30AM.  We then headed off to trail mine.  We returned to camp by 4:30AM needing to wait until light.  The other guides were back out by 6:00AM with the other hunters while Dean and I headed in at first light to pick up the trail again on my bull.  Folks, that is dedication!  They continued to care for us the rest of that 8th day.  Later the evening of the 8th day, a third bull went down requiring them to go to work again.  I don’t think the guides got 6 hours sleep in 3 days.  They work hard for your success!

I would not hesitate to book with AWGS in the future.  Please don’t hesitate to call me regarding my experience.


Hugh Schwartz – TX

[email protected]